3rd American Studies Workshop in Zagreb – Program

The 3rd Annual American Studies Workshop in Zagreb, “Quarter of a Century after the Fall of the Berlin Wall: Perspectives and Directions in Croatian and Regional American Studies”, will take place on October 3, 2015. Here’s the preliminary program.

10:00 h Opening & welcome.

10:15 h-11:15 h Session 1

Tatjana Jukić, “Derrida’s America between Declarations of Independence and Specters of Marx”

Maša Kolanović, “Postsocialist America: Re-visiting USA in Literature of Post-Yugoslav Dissidents”

Jelena Šesnić, “A Diasporic American Mirror for Late Socialist and Early Democratic Croatia”

Hrvoje Tutek, “Croatian Neoconservatism in the Aftermath of the Great Recession”

11:15 h-11:45 h Discussion

11:45 h-12 h Coffee break

12 h-13:15 h Plenary talk

Stipe Grgas: “The Demise of ‘America’s Communist Ally’: An American Studies Perspective”

13:15 h-14 h Lunch break

14 h-15 h Session 2

Sven Cvek, “Fordism, socialism and the end of a workers’ state”

Gordan Matas, “Reflections on the breakup of former Yugoslavia in the works of Aleksandar Hemon”

Lovorka Gruić-Grmuša, “Thomas Pynchon’s Readings of Croatia”

Borislav Knežević, “(Mis)Learning from American Education: What Is American About Bologna?”

15 h-15:30 h Discussion

15:30 h-15:45 h Coffee break

15:45 h-16:45 h Session 3

Kalina Maleska, “Influence of American Movies on Reading Literature”

Zlatko Bukač & Marko Lukić, “The Marvel of Subverting the American Dream”

Sanja Runtić, “Contemporary Native American Realities: Reflections on Indigenous Sovereignty and the Washington Redskins Debate”

Tomislav Brlek, “Rock & Roll and the End of History”

16:45h-17:15h Discussion

17:15 h Workshop closing


The workshop will take place on Saturday, October 3, 2015, at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (Filozofski fakultet), Ivana Lučića 3, Zagreb.

Organizers: HUAmS, Chair for American Studies, Cultural History of Capitalism (project HRZZ-1543).

Abstracts (pdf) can be viewed here.